Worth the Hike: Clayton & Lauren's Wedding Day

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From Hannah.

We're not hikers.

It's not that we're against it, or even that we dislike it. We just don't ever pick a mountain trail and decide to walk it. Maybe it's because our weekends are filled with shoots and meetings and other business. Or maybe it's because neither Jason nor I grew up in hiking families. We certainly don't think about hiking when recovering from bad colds.

But some people are worth hiking a mile uphill after recovering from a bad cold.

Lauren is Stephanie's younger sister. (You might remember Stephanie from our last big hike, or from her camping-themed wedding.) Since Steph's family is kind of a package deal, I've been friends with her since my sophomore year of college, when I spent a very snowy Christmas break at their house. Steph and Lauren's family takes you in, makes you a part of their lives before you even know it. Lauren has that spirit in abundance; she's one of the most engaging, friendly, and bright personalities you'll ever meet.

Clayton and Lauren met up with us several weeks ago to talk about their plans. The theme was "Casual Lumberjack." They'd hike a mile to a fire lookout, and they'd found the person in charge of the key so they could get married at the top. Instead of a unity candle they had an axe handle and head for guests to sign and then for them to put together. They'd leave in their flannel, Clayton carrying his axe and Lauren carrying a lantern to light the way.

How could we possibly say no?

Some people, like Lauren and Clayton, are worth the hike.



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