Lakeside with the Family: Tavis & Nicki's Wedding Day

May 15, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Have you ever mispronounced someone's name the first time you met them? And then continued to mispronounce it for months? And then 17 times on their wedding day as everyone else spoke it correctly around you?

Yeah, no, me neither, that would be super uncomfortable, right? Ha ha.


Right! So, a few weeks ago Hannah and I had the pleasure of working with the preeminently patient Tavis and Nicki! A designer and a schoolteacher, they filled their wedding with a myriad of creative, and handmade decorations. They also had one of the most unique ceremony traditions I've ever seen. Tavis handmade a time capsule, and they filled it with love letters to each other and a bottle of wine. They'll open the time capsule on their fifth anniversary. As if that weren't cool enough, Nicki's rings were outstanding. When the engagement ring is placed with the wedding band, it forms the moon overlooking the mountain (I think Mt. Rainier?), with the Puget Sound below. I *may* or may not have bought a new lens with these rings in mind.

Friends, family, and even pets turned out to help make the ceremony special. The officiant, Sue Sutherland-Hanson, did a wonderful job. Even the weather held back and gave us a beautiful day!

Want to see more? Check out what we got!


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