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Love in the Sun: Michael & Stephanie's Wedding Day

March 03, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

If I had to describe Michael & Stephanie in two words, it would be "Servant Hearted".

This stands out in my memory because, left to my own devices, there's a decent chance I would have experienced some mild sun stroke on their wedding day. It was a hot July day and I was outdoors, by necessity, more than anyone else. What saved me was the fact that they (and their friends and family) were constantly shoving water bottles into my hand, inviting me indoors, and asking how I was doing.

But that's not the only memory that stands out. After the cake was cut, the Bride and Groom each went around with a serving plate offering cupcakes to all of the guests. Servers at their own wedding!

But outside of the big gestures, simply getting to be around someone on their wedding day makes you privy to certain realities. It's hard to hide character when emotions run high, and Michael & Stephanie were one of those couple that just shone with kindness, joy, and generosity. One could tell that the wedding wasn't solely about them, and they knew it, and joyfully embraced it.

Michael & Stephanie, you two really were a delight to work, congratulations to you both!

(To our readers: If this location looks familiar, it's because it's the same as Danny & Marie's wedding, Olson Mansion!)


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