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Review: Groovy Guy Gifts Engraved Lighter

January 24, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Hey folks!

I've got kind of a new experience for you today. Photographing weddings as much as I do, I obviously get to meet and work with a whole lot of different vendors in the wedding industry. Well, I recently had the folks at Groovy Guy Gifts reach out to me, wondering if I'd be willing to review one of the cool things they offer to Grooms and their Groomsmen!

Getting a feel for different vendors and their services and products is kind of our thing (We love giving recommendations when we meet folks in person), so of course I said yes!

So here's what they sent me.



This is actually a high-quality lighter, and as a non-smoker, I was totally unaware that high-quality lighters were such a big deal. The first thing I noticed when unpackaging it from its gift box was the heft. The only lighters I've used before this were all cheap, plastic, and lightweight. This one felt solid, like it was made to last. And having my name engraved on it was pretty darn neat!

But the coolest part was definitely seeing it in action. Check this out:


Maybe it's just me, but I thought this was one of the coolest designs I've ever seen for a lighter. I didn't even know several eyelights like that were even an option. Honestly, I now carry this with me.

After a short trip to pick up some butane, I spent a few days trying it out. I wanted to see how well it stood up to frequent, repeated use. After using up about half its store, I'm happy to say it's still working perfectly!

You can find the actual lighter here, definitely a cool little gift for that someone special in your life!



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