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Our Favorite Wedding Venues from 2017

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Howdy folks!

Y'know it struck me the other day that we've been to some brilliant wedding venues this year, and gotten to see a lot of their behind-the-scenes details as well as what an actual, practical wedding is like there.

So, we thought we'd share some of our favorite Washington wedding venues from 2017!

1. Thornewood Castle 
To use their own words, "Thornewood Castle is a 500-year-old Tudor Gothic historic site known as “the house that love built.”", and it's nestled out in Lakewood, WA right by American Lake. Aside from being one of the most visually stunning locations we've ever worked at by far, it's also very versatile. There are a number of indoor and outdoor locations that work well with our fickle Washington weather, and it's going to look beautiful either way. The staff have always been professional and accommodating with us, and we're always excited to head back there. 

Now, there may be some restrictions with how many guests you can actually bring along, depending on whether your ceremony (and reception) are primarily indoors or outdoors. They'll gladly help you figure out what's reasonable given your guest list though.

On top of that, Thornewood is also a renowned Bed & Breakfast, meaning that once you're done partying with friends and family, you can actually stay at this gorgeous home and enjoy its centuries-old charm and wonder!

Want to see what it's like? Have a look at these two weddings!

Connor & Jessica's Wedding Day at Thornewood Castle

Chris & Claire's Medieval Wedding Day at Thornewood Castle


2. Trinity Tree Farm
Next on our list, Trinity Tree Farm actually sports two separate locations, referred to simply as "The Barn" and "The Lodge". You may remember a few months back we were experiencing a lot of smoke in Washington due to wildfires in other areas of the country, and despite the haze and heat, Trinity not only remained a beautiful location, but a functional one as well. One of our main gripes about Washington state venues is the all-to-often lack of air conditioning. Trinity Tree farm definitely has air conditioning, and it worked wonderfully. In the sample below, you'll see that we retreated indoors for all of the formal photos, and it was an excellent decision on the Bride and Groom's part.

Tyler & Beth's Wedding Day at Trinity Tree Farm

This is another venue with versatile, generous amounts of space. The property divides into cozy outdoor areas, a variety of preparation rooms, a main hall for dining and dancing, and many other rooms for guests to mill about and enjoy. Where some other venues will mainly force guests into a single, large area, this venue has plenty of space for private conversations, outdoor games, exploration, and all of the larger events. In short, this is the kind of event venue that actually compels people to hang around and enjoy themselves beyond the ceremony, and if you want to really celebrate with friends and family into the evening, Trinity Tree Farm is a great place to consider.

3. The Winsome Grace
If you love intricate details full of thought and heart, consider one of Sumner's most beautiful locations, The Winsome Grace. Every detail has been meticulously planned out over several decades, resulting in a very affordable locale full of rich, elegant beauty. If I told you about the pool table situated in one of the dressing rooms, the sliding bookcase concealing the bridal suite, the hidden hallway, the sauna, and the cozy backyard garden, I would still just be scratching the surface on everything this venue has to offer.

Probably one of the best aspects are the owners. Duane and Jeannie are some of the most gracious, kind, hard-working people we've ever met. You won't be disappointed working with them.

This venue is definitely ideal if you're planning a medium or small wedding party, with the maximum number of people allowed coming it at 120. That said, I highly recommend visiting in person-- I've seen people fall so in love with this place that they started cutting their guest list on the spot!

Check out this wedding for some great photo ideas and a look inside this beautiful, historical house!

Dan & Rachel's Wedding Day at the Winsome Grace

4. Cedar Lodge of Maple Valley
We were introduced to Cedar Lodge a few years back by a friend, and it's been a delight to shoot there over the years. It's another one of those locations that makes good use of its space to fit in just about everything you'd need, and at a very affordable price. In addition to the main hall used for ceremony and receptions, there are beautifully decorated getting-ready areas as well as indoor and outdoor options for some of your formal photos and bridal portraits. It's close by to places like "Lake Wilderness Park", which has been a popular spot for those all-important formals and is just a few minutes away!

In addition to being a fantastic venue, all their proceeds to get benefit a wonderful cause, the Maple Valley Food Bank & Emergency Services. It's a great way to use some of the cost of the wedding day to help give back!

Check out some of our favorite weddings from this great place:

Brad & Monika's Wedding Day at Cedar Lodge of Maple Valley

Brian & Molly's Wedding Day at Cedar Lodge of Maple Valley


And that wraps up our favorite venues for 2017! We've shot at quite a few places more than what's listed here, but these places have consistently been wonderful venues, not just from our own standpoint but from the experience of couples and other wedding vendors as well.

Are you having your wedding at one of these venues? We'd love to work with you! Learn more here and contact us today to secure your spot-- 2018 is already booking up!


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