What to do when it's just too cold outside: The McCulloch Family Photos

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One of the frequent questions we get is "What on earth to do when it's freezing cold outside and we want to take Newborn Photos?"

In answering this, I think we can tackle a broader question: "What's the best way to take newborn photos?"

There are a few rules that professionals follow, and the specifics will vary from person to person, but here's what we try to stick to.

  1. Shoot in a warm environment. Infants can't handle the cold well, and even if you're out for just a few minutes, skin gets red and blotchy very quickly, and a tantrum is usually close behind. Babies will almost always be most at ease and ready to fall asleep in warm environments, probably ones that are uncomfortably warm for adults.
  2. The best shots are generally of a comfy baby. This one seems rather obvious, but it's important to understand that it's the baby that decides what's comfortable for him or her, and not us. Some of the cute poses you'll see only just might not be feasible if it's physically uncomfortable for your child. That said, even with poses they're willing to take, we need to be slow and patient about it.
  3. Plan for more time than you need. This one goes rather hand in hand with #2. A well-rested, well fed baby who can get frequent breaks is a happy baby. Don't give yourself just an hour, shoot for more than you'll need. Carve 3-4 hours out of your morning or afternoon, and if we end up only using 2, great!
  4. Use either your own home, or a studio specifically designed for newborn portraiture. Now, this last one can vary depending on the professional you talk to, but we actually really like working in client homes for their newborn photos! The kind of studio required for newborns is warm, fairly spacious, and generally a permanent fixture. Since we don't have such a space, we prefer the personality and warmth that comes from shooting in-home.

We actually just finished up a great example of all this! You may remember Chris & Natalie's Wedding from back in 2013; their family has started to grow and so they gave us a call! As mentioned, we did their portraits in-home, with just a few out at a nearby park.

Take a look!


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