Going to the Castle, Gonna get Married: Connor & Jessica's Wedding Day

May 08, 2017
Y'know, I've noticed that some of the best wedding days happen on a foundation of teamwork. Hard working groomsmen, attentive bridesmaids, skilled wedding planners, capab...
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Gamers in Love: Stefan & Alena's Wedding Day

April 21, 2017
Oh snap, I can't believe it took me this long to post one of my favorite 2016 weddings! GAMER WEDDING Y'ALL. Stefan and Alena's wedding took place at Union Station...
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Indoors on a Rainy Day: Alex's senior photos

April 06, 2017
A few weeks back, I got to work with Alex on (the first half of) his senior photos out at his home in Puyallup, WA. Now, the day we ended up working together it was rain...
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A Beautiful Bride and a not-so-beastly Groom: Dan & Rachel's Wedding Day

April 03, 2017
Okay, I have been SUPER psyched about this wedding for months now. You may remember Dan & Rachel's Beauty and the Beast themed engagement photos up on Mt. Rainier. Well,...
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An Important Announcement

April 01, 2017
Friends, we have an important announcement to make in regards to our business. For years, we've entrusted ourselves to the Canon brand of camera. We've found the 5D and...
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What to do when it's just too cold outside: The McCulloch Family Photos

March 15, 2017
One of the frequent questions we get is "What on earth to do when it's freezing cold outside and we want to take Newborn Photos?" In answering this, I think we can tackl...
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Beauty and the Beast: Dan & Rachel's Engagement Photo Session

February 15, 2017
Mt. Rainier's always kind of an unpredictable place to shoot. Between the awful cell-reception and swift-changing weather, it can present an interesting challenge, especi...
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The Filmmaker on Film: Alex's Senior Photos

November 22, 2016
Ok, that pun doesn't exactly work given that I shoot digital. Bear with me. This was actually a really fun session! I got to work with Alex Groom on his senior photos. A...
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Brewing Up Some Love: Kevin & Katie's Wedding Day

November 08, 2016
THE JEDI GET MARRIED! Kevin & Katie were married (and celebrated) at the Red Hook Brewery out in Woodinville, WA, surrounded by family, friends, and some of the greatest...
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Senior Friends: Kaylee & Vanessa's Senior Photos

October 28, 2016
So, I got an interesting request the other day. Two friends wondering if they could share their senior session. This is both an exciting idea, and kind of a fearful one t...
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