Ricky & Angela's Wedding Day

January 28, 2016  •  1 Comment

Angela's been one of our good friends for a few years now. We could fill hours with stories about our activities together-- like the time we went to Point Defiance in a wind storm so fierce that they had to shut down the whole park. Or that time she proposed playing water balloon "fetch" with a tiny swarm of crazed Chihuahuas, just to see what happened. When she found out that Hannah had tried a "StairMaster" for the first time, she suggested that a reasonable next step was an uphill 5K that took place in Seattle.

And there's the time with met Ricky.

Ricky invited us over, served us grilled chicken, and played a board game with us.

We like Ricky. 

So you can imagine what a delight it was for us when they asked us to shoot their wedding! You may remember what an adventure the engagement session was, and the wedding itself was no less of a delight and a celebration. Friends and family came from all over to celebrate Ricky & Angela-- and despite the chilly November day (30 degrees by sunset!) hearts were clearly warm and full of love and friendship.

Ricky and Angela, thanks again for choosing us to capture your wedding day. It was an honor.


Angela Durbin(non-registered)
Awww thanks guys! You did a fantastic job shooting the wedding, everyone who has seen the pictures (including several professional photographers) has been very impressed, and you managed to keep our spirits up even when we were convinced that we were freezing to death :)
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