Now Don't Lose This One: Nate & Lauren's Wedding Day

July 29, 2016
Have you ever walked out on a wooden dock, looked down in between the boards at the water below, and made sure your wallet, ring or phone were secure? If so, you're not...
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The Jedi: Kevin & Katie's Engagement Photos

June 12, 2016
I've been waiting to post this session. I have so much to say about these two, but I think most of it can best be said by the photos themselves. We've been planning this...
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We Stole This: Brad & Monika's Wedding

May 20, 2016
Well, not stole, exactly, but it feels that way. Brad & Monika had originally contracted our mutual friend Renee to shoot their wedding. Due to an unavoidable change in c...
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The Beach: Travis & Kylie's Engagement Photos

May 18, 2016
Funny story. A few weeks back, I had to have my '97 Yukon towed off of a beach. I've been cleaning sand out of it ever since. What was I doing on the beach, you might in...
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Senior Portraits at High Noon (Or, Why Lighting Matters)

April 26, 2016
Howdy folks! Last week, we got to spend a few hours working with Jade on her senior photos out at Point Defiance in the Rose Garden and at Owen Beach. Aside from the exp...
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Painting with Wind and Light: Nate & Lauren's Engagement Photos

April 11, 2016
Y'know, every time I shoot a wedding for someone at my church, I think to myself "Welp. That's it. That's all the people of marrying age. I'm done with Elim weddings fore...
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Sunny Cloudy Tacoma: Stefan & Alena's Engagement Photos

April 07, 2016
Well, we're at that weird time of year where Washington alternates between the most beautiful blue skies you've ever seen and rain so heavy it hurts! Which, believe it or...
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Senior Portrait Series: Taylor

March 31, 2016
Welcome to part 7 of our Senior Portrait series! This week, we're going to be looking at Taylor's senior photos. Taylor chose downtown Tacoma for her session; specifi...
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Senior Portrait Series: Tabitha

March 28, 2016
Welcome to part 6 of our Senior Portrait series! This week, we're looking at Tabitha's high school senior photos. Tabitha was actually a bit of a special case. She and...
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Senior Portrait Series: Samuel

March 25, 2016
Welcome to part 5 of our Senior Portrait series! This week we're looking at Samuel's senior session. He chose Fort Steilacoom out in Lakewood, WA. Dude's got a puppy. G...
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