The Love of Friends and Family: James & Melissa's Wedding Day

October 09, 2016  •  1 Comment

There's few things that I enjoy more, in photographing a wedding, than seeing the strong and healthy relationships that can be forged among friends and within families. To be sure, a marriage is no less real when those things aren't fully present, but there's something delightful and right about seeing a family willingly give one of their own to another. It's an act that's rightly a mix of joy and sorrow, and it always feels like an honor when I get to be there to see and capture such moments.

James & Melissa's wedding was definitely one of those days. And if you were there, I hope you enjoy this look back and get the chance to relive some of the beauty present there. 


Lori Cantu(non-registered)
Gorgeous pics!!
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