The Kendrick Family

June 26, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Earlier this year, one of our favorite locations to shoot (Fort Steilacoom Park) underwent a semi-radical change.

They mowed the grass.

Not a big deal, right? Well, when the grass is something like five feet tall, that's a fairly big change. Many of our portfolio images were taken at this park and have been the source of many a request over the years. Nevertheless, it was probably one of the better things to happen to our most-requested location. We began to explore further into the park and try out new areas. For a short time after the change, we were mostly shooting engagement sessions. And we started forming some ideas and finding new favorite locations.

Until we started getting families. Families with kids.

If you ever want to have new viewpoints thrust upon you and old ideas tossed out the window, work with kids. Mostly because, whatever your plans are, they have about a 20% chance of actually flying with your 3-year-old.

The Kendrick family (and their incredibly amiable kiddos!) proved to be a catalyst for some new spots at the park. Take a look, see what we got!



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