On Top of Old Smokey: Jeff & Katie's Wedding

December 02, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

It may not be abundantly clear from just reading this blog, but I LOVE to snowboard. It's extremely rare that I have the chance, but when I'm able to go, Crystal Mountain is my go-to place.

Which is why, when Jeff & Katie approached us about shooting their wedding at Crystal Mountain, I nearly hyperventilated. Never in my life have I had to so consciously tell myself "Okay man, play it cool. PLAY IT COOL, JASON." On top of that, Jeff & Katie designed their own wedding logo and had a gallery of decorations, visually detailing how their relationship progressed. My art education included a lot of design courses, so I often found myself admiring the time and skill that went into planning out their wedding day.

As it happens, when the big wedding day finally rolled around, Washington was experiencing a number of wildfires, particularly over on the east side. The resulting smoke made its ways up into the mountains, and found its way into some of the wedding day photos. 

Even then, Crystal Mountain is one of the most beautiful locations I've ever been to. I can't speak well enough of their staff (among the most patient and considerate lot we've ever met in the wedding industry), and the tram afforded us some gorgeous locations with minimal effort.

Check it out!



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